This week started with a task about gratitude. 

It is an amazing and uplifting feeling once we learn how to notice the little things around us. As all the little things are actually big things. 

Expressing gratitude is a skill too. When you feel it’s challenging to express gratitude perhaps start with something small like writing expressions of gratitude on pieces of paper and collect them in a special jar. Simple things like:

I am grateful for having a roof above my head.

I am grateful for having internet and a fast one.

I am grateful for the food on my table.

(Tip: one day they these papers can be turned into a card, poster. and may come handy to pleasantly surprise someone dear!)

We feel grateful, we say thank you often to others but do we say thank you to ourselves? Remember to be grateful to the only one, to the unique and already perfect you with all your heart. 

Here are my top 10 things I am grateful for:

  1. Being alive
  2. Breathing, seeing, feeling, tasting, walking
  3. My basic needs are covered
  4. Having safety and freedoms
  5. Being able to think feel, choose, learn, change, evolve
  6. My healthy body that holds everything that makes me Me.
  7. Being able to love and being loved 
  8. All the people I crossed paths with so far
  9. All the events and experiences that made me who I am
  10. Now as now is the only moment we can have at any given time.

Peace. Love. Sustainability.


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