Now that you are here, I have three questions for you:

Is your plate full?

What actually is on it?

Are you happy with it?

It is about your plate in terms of nutrition, we all have to sustain this precious substance given to us called Life.

It is not only about the food on your plate but also beyond in terms of relationships, career, spirituality, physical activity, dreams and desires.

And now is the best time to face the answers with open and honest heart.

If you feel happiness, joy, fulfilment, love – feel free to read further here but also feel free to carry on as you are. If you feel a little discomfort here, a little pain there, perhaps a fear, or shed a tear – I am inviting you to search deeper for getting to the “why” do you feel this way. If you hear yourself saying “It is what it is” or “I can’t change much myself, my life, my career, my relationship, my weight” or “I am way too busy to do that”, I am here to challenge all those statements ingrained into your brain and help you see the other side, or perhaps even sides, of the story you are telling yourself.

I am also here to help you explore any belief you feel uncomfortable with, any thought that sits between “you now” and the “best you” that can be now. The space and time I create for you is safe and sacred and it is for you to allow me be in it, too. This is your story, your dreams, your journey and you are in charge of it. When we get to work together you navigate us to the point you want to reach while I support, encourage your choices and keep you accountable – to yourself – about the chosen steps towards your desired outcome. And even further – just dare to dream big.

With appreciation and best wishes,


“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?”
Hillel the Elder