Institute for Integrative Nutritiuon, NY, USA

Hello dear friend,

My name is Julietta and I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specialising in grief and post-trauma gut health recovery.

Perhaps you are a health-conscious busy professional who have lost taste of life after a loss of a loved one and who wants to find a way back to yourself in order to feel again sweetness, passion, purpose, peace again? I am here for you and I keep a special space in my heart for you.

I also work with people who have decided to eliminate the busy and overwhelming feeling of daily life and demand back their innate health in order to achieve relaxed state of body-mind, reconnect with their true nature, bring out forgotten passions and simply feel love, lightness and joy.

In my work, I use Integrative Nutrition approach that includes understanding bio-individuality, using primary and secondary foods, applying nutritional theories and behavioural transformations techniques. They help in conditions like emotional eating, hormonal changes, trauma and its affect over the choices and behaviour each person makes, low self-esteem, weight issues, fatigue, gut health issues, troubled sleep, autoimmune diseases and more.

When working with clients I help them understand their current body-mind state and guide them to make small, applicable steps that lead to achieving their set of goals. Those goals may be in various areas of life and may concern nutrition and weight, sleep, physical activity, bringing out hidden creativity, alleviating financial and career concerns, relationship and home environment issues, to name a few.

Accountability on regular basis while allowing certain flexibility is essential to my 6-12 week, One-on-One coaching program which I offer via internet or over the phone.

During the session we will talk about the areas of life you need most support with and the direction you want to take in order to achieve your goals.
This conversation is for both of us to understand if we are a mutual fit to work together towards helping you become the best version of yourself in the present.

When you know you are ready to move from where you are and want to reach faster where you want to be, please send me a message or book an appointment. At the moment I offer free 30-minute initial conversation to new clients and it is also an obligation-free one.

Looking forward to meeting you online and getting to know you.

With warm regards and gratitude,