Happy IIN Health Coach Day 2020

🌟🌟Happy IIN Health Coach Day 2020 to me and my skilful, knowledgeable colleagues!🌟🌟

No, I am not selfish. Then why Me first? 

Because without the “I, Me, Myself” the individual’s world will not exist or will exist but will function under its best potential. 

Because we must take care of ourselves first – a concept that’s introduced to me by my soulful, knowledgeable yoga instructor, the ever-gentle but strong and caring Heather Joel few years back. (more to the story in a separate post)

Demand Health will be the place to nourish and nurture, explore, understand, develop this beautiful, sacred Me-space. It will be a place to explore, discover something new, useful to take and apply according your mindset. Perhaps a space for recipes too – delicious, nutritious and according to your own bio-individuality. Bio-individuality is one of the core concept that IIN, NY teaches (for an alternative opinion please click here)…

Looking forward to what the future will bring to all of us!

With much love and appreciation,


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