LET’S TALK…or not

LET’S TALK…or not

In the past two weeks my plan was to write, to talk, to have conversations online, over the phone, even in person when possible. It is summer during June, July and August in the Northern hemisphere and this is what I used to do there for most part of my life so far – be active, vibrant, outwardly, expressive. It is winter in the Southern Hemisphere where I am now and my body had other plans – somehow it totally disagreed and kept me slow, quiet, , sleepy, introvert and I simply have been enjoying time with the family at the fire place, cooking, sleeping, reminiscing. 

Then it was also The Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year. Two years ago I spent few months learning for the first time about the natural rhythms our bodies follow and various creative ways of expressing my feelings at that time of the year. This seasonal theory was brilliantly explained and applied by the experienced transpersonal art therapist Kym Taylor in her Winter Women’s Circle group I attended. A year later I touched base again with this theory while I was studying to become an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and i learned more about this vary fascinating part of our bodies – our brain. The Belgian study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, states that seasons affect our brain function when it comes to one and the same task. “Mood and immunity are well known to change with seasons in humans and there are indications that several brain aspects could also be seasonal.”, says Dr. Gilles Vandewalle, a neuroscientist at the University of Liege and the study’s lead author.




Seasonal depression (SAD)

There is so much influence of the seasons despite the fact that we don’t live anymore outdoors in the winter, but the nature’s imprint is strongly imbedded in us. 

My wise body seemed knew better what to do when the winter suddenly came upon me and through my awareness and intuition that I have created during the past 10 years, I somehow managed to stop after a week of resistence. 

I stopped and listened to what my body was whispering to me by making me slow, stagnant, procrastinating, unwilling to act. I stopped wanting to fight the natural low level of energy. I stayed quiet but centered and later realised I can still do, create, achieve anything I want. Going through our resistence makes us gro­w. How we go through it varies.

May way was through a perfectly timed Fast Vinyasa Flow yoga session courtesy of my amazing yoga instructor,  Nicole Jade that happened in the middle of this two-week period of adjustment to the winter. 

From now on the days will be rising and we will be seeing more of the magical source of all live here, the Sun. And all will change, again. 

Love and light.


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